Thursday, January 21, 2010

A hectic day, week, month year and life...

tomorrow; I got a progress meeting of my research...which doesn't progress much.. T-T
the day after; my sister maybe coming to Puchong so I have to be there..maybe
my old schoolmate want to have a reunion or some sort in 2 or 3 months time..where I was selected for the multimedia preparation(without me knowing it...thanx Jojoe T-T)
I have 4 more months to make sure my research is complete..
my head started having this "lost balance" or vertigo this morning and I don't know why..

put that aside...just accept it and started working...with tears in my heart T-T (GOD HELP ME!!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Codings..and more codings

right now I'm pretty bz with codings on OpenCV..actually I want to write on my Aidil Adha experience..but too bz..sorry..hope my BZness doesn't stop my blogging like b4.hehe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One week ago... Tribute to my old office.. :-(

this happened on the 25th of november..2 days after the committee meeting..Bob and I have to move out from our old office (actually it's  my supervisor office) to a room where all the research assistants supposed to's not that far, and it's not that tiring..moving all the stuff, is 1 thing...the "unseen" stuff has to be brought too.. I already backed up and move all my files to my laptop and to my external hard disc the day before..

put all that aside..after removing all of my stuff from the office.. I thought.. "Oh my.. I already been in this office for 2 years!".. actually it's one year and 11 months.. but it's a freaking long time! I felt a bit sad that day, remembering all the memories that happened in the room.. as a researcher, I spent more time in the office than any other place..even slept there more than I slept in my bedroom.. I even come here during weekends and holidays.. It's my personal home.. at least for this 2 years.. good bye my office.. as I walked out and get ready to drive back home to my village.. Aidil Adha is coming!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Commitee Progress Meeting 23/11/09

Yesterday, all my works in this semester is presented in front of my supervisor and co-supervisor. I got a warning because it is my 3rd semester and I didn't finished my software development yet..huhu...god help me..

Friday, November 20, 2009

the Google Chrome OS is here (not quite yet..)


video showing example of the Google Chrome OS user interactions.

Yesterday, Google has made the code of their new operating system, Chrome OS to the public. They hope that Open Source software community will start developing its application. The idea of this new operating system is to make booting up and logging in to the internet is so much faster than usual. I suggest you keep browsing the Google Chrome Channel on YouTube to understand it's architecture and security. The operating system will be release on netbooks in January 2010. So, Mac and Windows anyone?hehe..

Friday, November 13, 2009

my "super" computer is alive!!

two days ago, i got a call from STL Computer, saying my computer is already fixed. actually, there's no problem with it...maybe it's just electrostatic..damn... I wasted RM30 just for them checking it..but it's if I bored or tense (or both) I can play games...hehe.. just yesterday, I bought 2 new games... Need For Speed SHIFT and Resident Evil 5.. if only I have the time to play it..huhuuu...busy...busy!

Chicken Satay at Village View restaurant


The satay here is really good! I have tasted before and as for my dinner last nite, my fren was kind enough to take me there...Village View is in Bangi by the way..